May 8, 2008

New England Patriots Caught Taping

I don't talk about american football too much, but I do watch it most of the time mainly because our College is in the Big Ten for College Football. I watch the NFL sometimes- my favorite team is The Ravens from Baltimore (no suprise).

I was kind of disappointed when I read this article that an ex-Patriots employee was handing over illegal tapes to the NFL that the team took to study defensive signals. The New England Patriots are one of the best teams if not the best team in the NFL. It's fairly obvious that teams tape games, but getting caught is kind of a disgrace to the other teams who don't do it. I know there is that "we have to do it to keep ahead" mentality, but I think the New England Patriots are setting a bad example for the NFL, who promote fair play and honesty with integrity.

Generally I did not root for the New England Patriots because they had won enough, but now I have a legitimate reason not to like them.

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