April 9, 2008

Penn State Berks Hosts Veterans Remembrance Day

Penn State Berk's SGA (Student Government Organization) is hosting Veteran's Remembrance Day, a time to reflect on the service of our men and women in the armed forces. Today is a day for students to thank those they know who are currently serving our country in all sectors of the millitary. Today is a day for myself to reflect on the service these people have done for this country as I do many days out of the week as I build my models and think about my future. Some of these people have given everything so that those in this country may be free. Some of these people have given their lives so that I may move on to my future in safety.

I would like to thank each and every member of the armed services for protecting our country. I appreciate every last detail and job that is performed which is vital to the success of our armed forces. As a thankyou, I hope to work for Northrop Grumman not only because I want to, but because I want to help. I know I don't owe an ounce of debt, but I feel it is my duty and obligation to help those who help us.
There were quite a few recruiters onc ampus today: An Air Force representative, Army Personell and I believe the Marine Corps. I managed to shake the hand of one of the recruiters as a thankyou for their service (I thought it would be inappropriate as a civilian to salute, although we can I chose not to). If you walk around campus today, you will see hundreds of mini-flags planted along the walkways between the Perkins Student Center, the Thun Library and the Franco Building.

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