April 9, 2008

Spirits No Go: Under Technical/Mechanical Evaluation

I was shocked a couple of months ago when I heard that a B2 had crashed off Andersen's Air Force Base in Guam. I was relieved to hear that it was not shut down, rather it had problems right after takeoff and the crew had to bail.

Air Force officials are still reviewing the crash and still have the remaining B2s on Guam "paused" (not grounded) as they are checked for possible malfunctions. The nature of those malfunctions remain classified. The term "paused" is deemed appropriate for a situation such as this, according to Air Force Officials. Officials did release a bit more in regards to the nature of the crash: stating that the B2 Spirit became unresponsive and uncontrollable; then stalled and began to crash (then the pilots bailed out), however the left wing dragged along the ground as the bomber crashed.

I'm thankful the crash was on USA soil. I would love to explore the engineering aspects of the aircraft; but unfortunatly that information is classified.

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