March 27, 2008

A Clever Option- Using the Plague to Stimulate Anime Growth

It seems like a great partnership: anime companies such as Gonzo are ready to team up with, which will become a popular stop for many websurfers in order to distribute high quality anime for a good fee. I like the brains behind this idea because the anime industry is changing and adapting to the times, just like I suggested in my previous article about the anime industry crisis. That doesn't mean that I am justifying, though.

For years has provided and streamed free anime that has been destroying the sales within the anime industry. It seems that a few very intelligent people have found a way to still make money through what could have been considered the death to anime. Companies like Bandai and Funimation claimed that sites such as would be the death of the industry, and they are absoloutly correct. They have every right to believe and say that with a valid point, however unless they themselves change then they will begin to lose money. Now only if anime viewers agreed to pay that "fee" and get the high quality stuff... but if you think about problems down the line, say in 2 or more years infrastructures to sites such as and will allow for a higher quality streaming video, allowing fans to post higher quality anime that they paid for "for others".

The plan sounds like a temporary fix in the short run, and at least the industry can bask in this idea for a little while. I am still going to go out and support my writers.

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