March 1, 2008

Heller 1:200 Le Suroit

Here is another project I am working on for a buddy before he leaves college for his job. He was very passionate back in his earlier youth about the titanic and I happened to find a Le Suroit model on sale. The Le Suroit is a French research vessel that aided in finding the Titanic wreckage. The model is in 1/200 scale and is by Heller. On first impressions this kit will take a lof of work because the plastic quality is not the best, but I can live with it.

I began by joining the veritcal halves of the hull and I applied putty once dried. When I get back to campus tomorrow I will apply more putty to spots that need it and I will sand it all flush. A trick I used is to put masking tape parallel to the seem to be filled: this reduces waste and increases the chance of a flush surface (and unwanted hardened putty). I left about 1/32nd of an inch (1-2mm) on each side of the seam line to give the fill stability. I went to Michaels and found a nice base for the Suroit. I will be staining the wood piece a dark mahoghany to bring out the detail of the Le Suroit. This project should hopefully be complete in a couple of weeks, I am anticipating the same amount of time on this project that I spend on the 1/196 Constitution.

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