May 6, 2008

1/350 USS Missouri Problems

Well the final rudder details have been added to the USS Missouri, and only orliekons and the like need to be added to finish the model. Here is a video of the screw test, and a video will follow tomorrow of a sail test.

- and the sail test proved disasterous. There was massive water intrusion from an unknown source, and the only way I will be able to determine where the leaks are are to have a test bed or place the empty hull in water. I may have fried the electronics.... serves me right I need to build protective boxes!

What I fail to understand is why there is a problem with the distance between the controller and the ship. When I step about 6 feet away from the vessel the props begin to turn less often, and eventually if I step away far enough they will not respond; Yet when I am 1 foot away they are operating. I have tried this in three different locations (in a park, in my room, and in my hallway) and I get the same effect.

I can only conclude at this point that the electronics just suck. I don't know why the system is misbehaving and I am kind of getting tired of replacing the system. I have already had to replace a 27 MHz system with another 27MHz system because the first one failed. What is going on here?

- and the problem was the Nicad batteries, Dern the Chinese. Nicads apparantly have memory cells, so the problem was that the electronics worked and they were sucking amps, the problem was the amp draw died off after 3 seconds! REMEMBER: NICADS, TO WORK PROPERLY NEED A HOT CHARGE- THEY NEEDN'T BE HOT, BUT RIGHT OFF THE CHARGER FOR THEM TO WORK PROPERLY!!
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