May 9, 2008

1/48 Revell F-14A Tomcat

Ahh this old bird is a classic. I picked this kit up somewhere and it has been sitting in my stash for a little over 6 months now. It is time to build it now that I am home from College. The Tomcat is legendary, argueably the best interceptor ever built for it's time. This particular model in question was built by Mr. Brian Marbrey, and I would like to simulate the work he did on this one.

The biggest problem will be finding a suitable brush color to paint the canopies with that is really dang close to the spray paint color. There are two things I am NOT good with- Painting figures (faces) and aircraft canopies, so this will be a real challenge. I also have a few more kits down the pipeline, including:

+1/350 USS Enterprise (build)

+1/350 HMS King George V (finish)

+1/700 USS Yorktown (finish)

+1/48 B-25 Mitchell (build)

+1/144 SR-71 Blackbird (build)

+1/35 M41 Bulldog (build)

+1/35 Ford GPA (build)

+1/700 USS North Carolina, Washington, and DD The Sullivans build (Guatalcanal) (build)

ehhh I am going to be busy for a while.

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