July 22, 2017

'The Crown Tower' and 'The Rose and the Thorn' by Michael J. Sullivan

 * * * * 

These two books were fun to read. I didn't absolutely adore it or stay up late to read more- but it was a great read throughout the two books. 'The Rose and the Thorn' was written better than it's predecessor in my opinion- containing more substance and darker tones. This book was much easier to 'round closer' to a 4/5 stars. My only criticism of the series is that it could be longer (I am spoiled by big epic fantasy tomes) and have more combat.

All of the characters are likeable here- I don't have any one favorite. I debated on leaving the books alone after this one, but I feel that I will return to Riyria after some time has passed. I would recommend the book if you like high fantasy and gritty fantasy (lifelike; not necessarily through rose colored glasses).

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