December 31, 2013

Gundam LED Lights

Bandai sells individual LED lights that work with some Master Grade Kits and Perfect Grade Kits. Though, for every gundam out there it may be difficult to develop a unique solution to get the head unit to light up. For those kits that do take the LED units though, I have come up with a design that will work.

The reason I choose to not import the LED light set is because they are expensive. I don't want to deal with sending them half way across the world when I can build them here AND have them in any color I want. With Bandai LEDs, you are stuck with orange or green, I think.

An example of LED light up eyes.
There are five parts to this device. The LED, the top plate, the batteries, then the bottom plate. I am using plates so that I do not have to solder to the battery. When the plates make contact with the batteries, they will help to complete a circuit. When you attach the negative LED lead to the bottom plate, you must ensure that that portion of the LED does not touch the top plate or a short circuit will result. Use electrical tape for this job.

It might be necessary to use a resistor in this circuit, due to the specs of the LED. If this is the case, the design will be moved into a new prototype stage which will accommodate for the resistor. Until the Jesta gets to my doorstep, I have no idea what the diameter of the LED unit is. I am guessing half an inch, but I want to measure just to be sure.

The drawing is not to scale. It may be that the batteries are way smaller than half an inch- and that may give me room for a switch.

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