April 3, 2014

8-Bit Games in Shillington, PA

2017 Update: The store no longer exists. It was replaced by a shoe shine shop (source: friend)

It's quite a bit of a drive, but I heard about a retro video game store from a friend in this area. Having nothing to do today I ventured a few hours out here to find a mecca of retro memories, Super Mario World running on a demo station, old and obscure boxes of retro consoles, memorabilia, nice staff and fair prices. I scored some stuff today, including:

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS2)
God of War Collection (PS3)
Tak and the Power of Juju (PS2)
Nuclear Strike (PS1)
Crash Bandicoot (Black Label) (PS1)
Choplifter III (SNES)

I paid roughly 10% above market value on the goods. The prices were extremely fair (come on, they gotta be in business to make money) and importantly- they take Visa. If you are in the Reading, PA area stop on Lancaster Avenue (parking can be a bit ehhh... park behind back) and give these guys a try. Walk in the door and there is so much to look at. I took a stroll in there, then had to stop and focus on what they had on the shelves.

A managerie of great games, some rare- some common- at fair prices. A couple of boxed stuff too if you collect that.

PS: They don't sticker up their games like Gamestop. That alone is reason to shop there. Trades and Sales welcome. Just remember... they are in business to make money. Don't expect Ebay offers. They have to put risk into stuff they take in. The discs I had were immaculate to B+ condition. I'm not being endorsed by the store- but am providing my first impressions upon walking in- and giving them a shout out.

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