October 15, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters

I just got done watching gundam build fighters- the new gundam anime that is airing in Japan. I'll be honest- at first I thought it was a silly idea having remakes of mobile suits and their variants fight each other. This series is an excellent way for Bandai to integrate their animated works (with Sunrise) and their plastic models- letting more people know about them. Though I am sure many Japanese and other peoples all over the world know about Gunpla, which stands for Gundam Plastic Models. More or less, this is a way for Bandai to get a boost out of their model sales and it may be targeted to a younger audience of 7-14 year olds.

When I got through a lot of the opening episode's cheesiness I began to enjoy the meat of the episode- which is mobile suits fighting each other. There have always been fantasies about which suit would win versus another- and this is kind of a neat way to portray that. The last thing I thought of was seeing Wing Gundam (reanimated) fight the Gyan.

They can really pull off some of the neater aspects of building as well- showcasing what it takes to build a plastic model kit and get people further along in the hobby- though I'm not sure how many will take the experience as far as some have.

The anime also encourages kit bashing. That is a cool concept that I would like to try- but am afraid that I might mess it up. Through this anime Bandai made the announcement of the All Gundam project- where I believe all of the lead Gundams from every series will come out in HG form based on a common frame (hint: not an inner frame). I don't know if this will tie in with the arcade games in Japan.

If I can get access to future episodes I might watch them. It's not really something I would hold in a lineup of anime to watch, but I'm sure it will stir the cooking pot of interest when it comes to gundam model building- something that is always welcome.

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