April 23, 2008

Penn State Berks- Police Officers Go the Way of Segway

When you visit Penn State Berks, you can never be sure of what you will see or do. I came back to campus this morning and as I ate my breakfast under the Magnolia Tree near a Lion Shrine I saw someone heading towards the library.... on a segway! I thought that was cool and went back up to my dorm room. It turns out that the dude on the Segway was the Police Chief for this campus, and he was riding all around campus on this thing. I came to the door of the dorm complex and there he was! I took video and a few pictures to give to the campus newspaper.

I talked with him and the campus received three Segways to try out during a trial period. The police will use these Segways to more easily patrol the campus. Each Segway costs about $5,000USD and $1600USD for a replacement battery. It contains five gyroscopes and it can go up and down hills with no problem. I thought Segways were banned- apparantly not for the police!

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