April 25, 2008

The T-Rex and the Chicken: I still say that the information is inconclusive

Paleontologists have been discussing recent finds that the collagen in T-Rex fossils greatly resembles the collagen found in chickens. Although I find the information to be interesting, if not startling, I have to disagree with a connection between T-Rex dinos and chickens.

Teams were taking samples from dinosaur fossils that were millions of years old- and comparing it to a live chicken's collagen might raise some concerns with the validity of the tests. If the T-rex were living- that would be a different story. Many site that there was the possibility of contamination- and although that could have happened I don't think the teams were hasty enough to allow for that to happen.

Every living being has some form of amino acids in them- essentially proteins. I may have some connection to chickens as well, albeit very distant. If that is so, then I am a descendant of the T-Rex, or does this mean that I am literally "what I eat?".

I think once teams have significant DNA proof that chickens and T-rex dinos are cousins, then I will assume otherwise.

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