May 27, 2015

Project Bunnies: Budget Version $22 deck

When it comes to Magic the Gathering- I am not an experienced player. In fact I am a novice, but I still enjoy playing from time to time despite getting my ass kicked by my expert friends. This deck idea evolved from wanting a weenie deck, then it evolved into a token power up using green and white cards. This post will cover the BUDGET VERSION at a total cost of $21.27. This is definitely do-able for me and fellow kitchen table game players.

Turn 1
There won't be a whole lot going on on turn 1- so if you do get [Hopeful Eidolon] or [Blossoming Sands] do play them.

Turn 2
On turn 2 we have more options: [Anafenza], [Brave the Sands], [Leafcrown Dryad], and [Raise the Alarm]. I usually draft [Leafcrown Dryad] when I draft green, and I like the 2/2 and reach. This helps the deck deal with flying threats. [Anafenza] lets me continue to bolster my forces free each turn after I play her. [Brave the sands] is a dick move which gives my fledgling army vigilance. At this point my opponent needs to begin worrying about that card as a threat. [Leafcrown Dryad] less so, but still an issue. [Raise the Alarm] will let me get out more tokens, and I pray that by this point I have not been hosed of my tokens- as there are a lot of cards out there that will do it.

Turn 3
Turn 3 offers more problems. [Avenging Arrow] was inserted to help deal with threats my opponent is dropping early game. If that threat is hexproof, then this card does no good. [Boon Satyr] is just 'the shit'. It's a great card, it can be played as an enchantment and become a creature, or be cast as a creature. Preferably play this card later on turn 5, but it is still an option on turn 3. [Lingering Souls] begins to create more problems as I get two 1/1 spirit tokens that have flying. The goal, if possible is to begin buffing them up or bolstering them. [Spear of Heliod] works great in this deck, but I can justify replacing it with other cards. Let me know if you would pull it out for something else. [Wayfaring Temple] is a mini-bomb that can become a BIG, BIG issue if it is not dealt with. If it hits a player, I get to populate.

Turn 4
I threw in [Advent of the Wurm] for fun. I am sure there are other cards that could replace it. Get a fat 5/5 worm token with trample, ENCHANT it next turn with Boon Satyr (blue players: COUNTER THAT CRAP). With 15 possible enchantments I feel that [Ajani's Chosen] will work out fine- though I could pull it for something else.

Turn 5
If I have not already begun to bestow [Boon Satyr] on my denizens I will drop [Cathars' Crusade], or a combination of other cards with lesser costs. I will have to manage this deck and see if it requires any card draw or if CMC boosts are necessary.

I think this deck will be a lot of fun on the cheap. I don't have a lot of money to spend on things, but I enjoy playing casual Magic the Gathering. This deck is modern legal.

2    Advent of the Wurm
3    Ajani's Chosen
3    Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
3    Avenging Arrow
4    Blossoming Sands
3    Boon Satyr
3    Brave the Sands
2    Cathars' Crusade
5    Forest
3    Hopeful Eidolon
4    Leafcrown Dryad
2    Lingering Souls
14    Plains
3    Raise the Alarm
3    Spear of Heliod
3    Wayfaring Temple

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