January 10, 2008

DO NOT BUY the NX860XL from Gateway

I just got my laptop in around an hour ago and I was excited to finally have my baby back. I read the technical report and there was a C drive error: they had to reimage the entire thing. I booted her up and she didn't want to load- I thought ok this is fine- I will run a troubleshooter. The wizard worked like magic! I had my computer back and I began readding things to it that I once had. I downloaded Itunes and tried to reinstall it and BAM! choke. I am so pissed off right now it is unbelieveable. I have had more than enough hassle with this laptop and I am "done" with it. I will never buy a Gateway product for the rest of my life. They have top notch tech- but they can't solve the damn problem! They could have solved it by putting in a new C drive and now I am forced to take my desktop with me to campus. I am very disappointed Gateway....


Danny Choo said...

Also dont buy Dell either ^^;

Chrin said...

Hi, I work in a software house. Here is my experience.

If Dell sends a technician, they generally repair/replace whatever it takes to revive the notebook. IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads are very durable. HP requires you to push through about 4 layers of bureaucratic denial, but if you can argue the finer points with them, they'll repair the notebook once and right.

When it comes to repairs, I gave up on Gateway and Toshiba.

Hope that helps with next purchase. Till then, good luck with Gateway. I wish there were PC lemon laws.