January 10, 2008

1/48 B25J Mitchell Progress

I bought a B25 Mitchell aircraft model the other day while I was browsing a local hobby shop up in Bath, PA. The gentlemen there, Dick I think his name is, specializes in RC aircraft. He has everything RC and I want to purchase my first flyer from him when I get the money.

This is a 1999 Revell-Monogram kit so it is a bit dated. It's funny, 1999 was one of the best years ever and I always think that those times happened just yesterday yet the kit is 9 years old. It has those wide gates and stubs, but this makes it easier later to sand the nips and repaint them. Probably the largest headache has been the cockpit- the directions were not very clear and things would not fit together properly. I got it to fit and added in all of the details.

For posterity I painted the control sticks and painted the seat cushions. I also painted the storage compartments and ammo storage cases for posterity. I used Testors enamel and since they didn't have an olive drab at the shop I picked up a dark green- which actually looks even better. There is a big, fat seam running down the length of the top of the b25 fuselage and it is driving me crazy- several gluing attempts have failed and it is really difficult to glue them together without damaging the paint on top (knucklehead- next time assemble that part then paint!) but I tried again and it looks like I may have reduced the seam. If it didn't glue up properly I will take drastic measures by puttying up that seam, sanding it real good, then repainting.

The model so far, besides the minor headaches is going as planned and if the yellow (worst color for modelers, it NEVER sets right) sets right then this will be one fantastic looking model. More details to follow as I finish the model.

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