December 31, 2007

Hooking the Worm

UPDATE- We (myself and tech support) think that there is an error somewhere while the computer attempt to read the C drive. Tech wants to "play" with it, so we will see... They told me they are itching to get ahold of this computer to tinker... -1/3/08
UPDATE- Here is the link to the website. I strongly encourage you NOT to download ANYTHING off of this website.

I have been thinking lately about what could have infected my other computer with the undetectable worm infiltration and I can think of one remote suspect other than a random jacking.

Dead smack before the problems started I had downloaded a few anime soundtracks from a certain "trusted" site.... once I find that web address again I will post it here to prevent you or anyone else from downloading content from that website. Due to the sophistication and high sensitivity of the worm, I seriously doubt that it came from this website, however it could have and there is a "slightly good" possibility. I just don't see a worm of this "exceptionally high" caliber coming from a website like this.

I had my first problems when it was connected into the University's network so I immediatly suspected a hacker infiltration into the network. I still suspect that it is more likely that I received a virus from a network with over 100,000 users on it rather than on an encrypted network at home with 3 or 4 users on it. Make no mistake that my server at home, in my opinion, is much more secure. When people create their own servers or hook up game consoles at the campus, the Penn State network is made more vulnerable to hackers. Why I am a high value target, I have no idea. There was nothing of importance on that laptop- for this exact kind of emergency I keep all school files on a flash drive and I back them up every 1-3 days as necessary on multiple computers and on the Penn State server.

If I can't hook this worm then I am calling in the worm eating fish to deal with it once and for all.

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