April 20, 2008

New Series: Rosario + Blood

Kind of odd that I found this, but apparantly there is a new series out right now entitled Rosario + Blood, where a 15 year old failing student is sent to a school for monsters and meets a vampire named Moka.

After watching the first episode, there was way too much fan service (it may get annoying in the future) and I felt that the story was "rushed" or that we were thrown into all of this without much background. I really havn't had very many new series to watch lately, but this one is alright. You can find it here, streamed on Youtube. This is beginning to look a lot like Elfen Lied, mixed with Love Hina and maybe some Trinity Blood.

Please make a comittment to buy after it is released in your country of residence.


Anonymous said...

elfen lied? not at all... actually it doesnt look like love hina and trinity blood, it also its not related in any way (story wise too).

Robert Dean III said...

um, brain fart? 0_0

lol I am suprised by some of the stuff I can post half awake!!