March 9, 2008

24 Hour Brawl-A-Thon

I have safely played 4 hours of Super Smash Bros Brawl and I must say: WOW. The wait has totally been worth it, if this isn't the epitome of a Nintendo collection then I don't know what is. Everything about it so far has been Nintendo: the characters (that will change down the line and it is why I can't give the game a perfect), backgrounds and new challenges.

I am very excited about the new online ability, however at the moment I get random error messages, or an 81510 message. In essence, there are so many people overcrowding the servers that no one can get into an online brawl easily. If you are getting these error messages like me, be patient and keep trying, or try later. I can sit in on brawls but not get into them, meaning my router and internet works and yours does more than likely as well.

I still use Link as my main fighter, but I like Donkey Kong, Mario, Captain Falcon and Fox as well. Kirby is also a good play sometimes. I can't wait to find out who else is in the game, besides knowing that Solid Snake and Sonic are in the game. Sonic I can understand, but SNAKE?!? I thought the chant by the crowd "Snake! Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!" was HILLARIOUS.

I highly recommend picking up the game. It is a polished Super Smash Bros that promises to deliver. I won't be getting my paws off the Gamecube controller for a while.... (Brawl lets me use the classic gamecube controller, excellent! no new buttons to learn). With that, I am going on a 24 hour brawl-a-thon! Spring Break NEEDS to be made Epic.

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