March 9, 2008

Brawl Online Launch Problems

Hello ladies and gents, reporting in again on Brawl here as I watch a couple of spectator matches.

I am trying to read around the blogosphere and the internet but I have been unable to find widespread news regarding Brawl's launch problems. I keep getting error messages such as the 85150 (something close to that) and disconnection messages. I can connect just fine to Wifi and my Wii Internet works, hell I can watch as a spectator with no lag.

To my best guess and from reading other people's articles, it seems that the influx of players into Brawl's online system is so enormous that the servers are kicking people out. I have tried around 30 times with one successful pairing only to have my partner kicked offline like I was the other 29 times. For some reason I have been very patient with the game and I havn't gotten angry at it (yet).

Honestly I don't think Nintendo expected this amount of players to attempt to get online. I would compare it to trying to fit the entire state of California and Texas into Camden Yards (baseball stadium) in Baltimore: some peeps will get in but for almost all it is not going to happen.

I still have faith in Nintendo because when they have messed up (unexpectedly) due to extreme success they have come up with solutions very quickly and effectively. I don't want to call Brawl's online capabilities a failure yet- afterall it IS launch day (in the USA) and everyone wants to test out the game and what it is made of. Until then I will be satisfied watching others brawl and I will have at it at in the single player and multiplayer (not online) brawls.

I am waiting to hear back from a few friends to test out the friends online brawl system. I am sure Nintendo will find a solution soon! Good luck if you can get in and have a match ladies and gentlemen! =).

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