February 12, 2008

AutoCad 2007

Yeesh, five days of no posts and I figure since I am in the library on campus right now taking a break that I should post about some of the stuff I've been doing for the past couple of days.

AutoCad 2007 is a program made by Autodesk mainly for designers, engineers and architects. The program lets you create simple shapes then radically modify them to produce a 2d sketch. In my case we are producing orthographic drawings. The picture may be hard to see, so I recommend enlarging it if possible.

I completed this drawing a week and a half ago or so. This drawing is of a sheet metal part that was bent to create a hinge of some sort. The lesson was to introduce the offset command as well as an introduction to fillet use to create bends in parts. Here is the drawing I am working on now, and believe me she is a mother (again enlarge the image to see the drawing, the lines are very thin).

This drawing should eventually represent some odd block that you will never see in real life, then sectional views divided into three parts which will show cross sections at certain points in the object. I'm still working on it and I would say I am close to 65% done.

AutoCad is also great for vector additi0n as well as layout designs. For example, the game room I want to have in the future can be designed as a floor layout through Autocadd, and to scale as well. Hopefully when I get some spare time (hah, spare time) I'll draw up a layout of the game room I want in the future.

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