January 20, 2008

New Member To the Family

Looks like my mother went out and did it- she works at an animal shelter on Wednesday nights so she can play with the cats- and unfortunatly was compelled (curse strong female emotions!) to buy another cat. His name is Simbah, but I hate the name so I refer to his affectionate name of "Sims". He was found in a farm along with his sister and they were taken to the shelter to be cared for and eventually given away after a donation. The sister cat was bought up immediatly but this cat had a problem- on the farm where he was found the both of them were all covered in dirt- and the dirt infected Sims eyes, so when you look at his eyes you can see a bit of scar tissue (it sort of looks like his eyes are slightly smaller- his vision isn't fully impared so he is alright). The cat is pretty cool- sounds exactly like Dapper but is as spastic as Kelly was when she was that small many moons ago. As far as I know he is a White/Brown-Orangeish tabby and NOT a calico, so that is a good thing at the moment. Here are a few pictures- I took a few videos that I may upload in the future.

Picture of Dapper for Posterity.

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