August 26, 2013


It's been fun......

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Nah. I'm not giving up blogging. I've been here for 8 years- originally this blog was to highlight all of my model building stuff. I remember that gundam SEED kit and that small F14 kit back in the day- I had little knowledge of anything and a crap camera to boot. But I had a strong sense of enthusiasm. Over those years I've grown, evolved, rekindled old hobbies, got better at everything, and had a lot to say about many things- from video games to responding to BS to discovering the wonders of the airbrush.

Even if not a lot of people read this blog, it gives me a sense of fulfillment to share my work and thoughts with people that may find it interesting. We get a decent number of unique people looking at this blog- but it's fun to share with friends, too. 2 years ago I linked RobsGamingNetwork to Plamotaku! and began a video series on model building. I would like that to continue. In the pipeline I need to review the Real Grade Zaku II, then build the Perfect Grade MK II and have a face off review between it and its real grade cousin. The real grade MK-II, though not finished kicks ass.

There are dozens upon dozens of retro games to review- and the list is in the hundreds in terms of what we can look at.  I used to select from a list of NES games and such. At one point it picked Gauntlet. I couldn't do a 2 minute drill on it and it wasn't a POS. Therefore it will deserve its own special. Darkman for the NES? it looked promising from the quality intro screen- but don't be fooled.

HobbylinkTV is having a plastic model building contest that runs until January 1, 2014. I think I might enter. The rules are that pics can't leave the forums on their site- so I will respectfully comply. I haven't picked what kit I'm going to do yet. Do I expect to win? nah but it would be cool. I want to enter the contest to have fun and see what others are building. HobbyLinkJapan has been a great source of affordable stuff from Japan. I've ordered three kits from them so far and they came quickly.

I am moving back to one of my home states. Starting from scratch. Until I get internet and things settled- I have to park everything in the hiatus spot until I am good to go again. You'll see Reign of Fire posts till August 28th- those are automated and not me. I apologize that I didn't get to finish the set. But at least you got a sneak peak at it. What are my plans for the future? find a job, have fun with friends- and continue what I am doing. I'm happy with what I do.

Till then.

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