August 6, 2011

Tamiya 1/350 HMS King George V

A very nice KGV that I will be emulating. Lamp Finials used under the hull- but we will attach KGV to a large wooden base.

So... I have a long lost treasure hidden in my basement- and it is the King George V. I picked up this model on a sale a few years ago, started it, and never really finished it. There is a lot of paint on it currently, and the hull is in bad shape when it comes to the paint job. It will have to be sanded down and repainted, this time with an airbrush. But hold the phone jethro.

We have a Zeta Plus C1 to build!

Once Zeta is complete, I will begin working on KGV. A 1/350 ship is no small task: it will require many man hours of sanding, filing and filling. Tamiya models usually come out very nice, and their 1/350 ship series is nicely molded. We'll see how it comes out... but Zeta comes first. After KGV, six plus models await construction. If you were curious what happened to KGV, it got sunk. FACT CHECK: Sold For Scrap.

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