August 23, 2017

Age of Empires IV

Oh baby. I will be following this one. I would expect it to take a couple of years to finish. I'm not sure if I want to get the definitive edition though. I would ex.pect a steam release for it though. Check it out.

August 21, 2017

True Americans

An example of an American militia. Militias were key in the late 1700s to the foundation of the United States.

It is difficult to strip the politics from this subject- but we're going to attempt to do it anyways. In the past I have talked about what a 'militia' is and what it is not, at least in theory. Even the 2nd Amendment references them. A militia is a group of trained individuals that are well regulated. The true goal behind a militia is to defend the people, territory, government and Constitution of the United States of America from all threats- both foreign and domestic. This has been our country's tradition since its founding over 200 years ago.

Police and the Military share these same goals- but under the yoke of bureaucracy, as we shall discuss- these former groups can outright ignore some or all of their goals. People have differing opinions of militias with most of them being negative. The government eyes them as a threat and usually monitors them at all times. Some people ascribe incorrect labels to militias, and some people think they are just as dangerous as terrorists. Some groups are idealistic- but some are idealistic and radical in their planning. Labeling militias as all one type of unit is immature and naive.

The job isn't pleasant. A lot of people are going to shun and hate you because they don't understand what it is that you do. I personally am not a militia member as I am not regulated. Militia's train and drill for the worst of what could befall our nation- but they are not as well prepared as the military. Many militia members are former military, police, fire or EMT. Their job is critical to the security of this nation- and for the ones aligned with the Constitution that are peaceful and aren't hell bent on dominionism (not exclusive to one religion) I approve of what they do.

In the Charlottesville unrest a team of about 30 militia members from a Pennsylvania group rolled out on an operation. Their goal was to put themselves in between two groups of protestors that hated each others' guts. This was not a 'show of force' operation. In places where the militia was present and not present the police were ordered to 'stand down' and let people come to blows if they were going to do it. That stand down order exacerbated tensions until they hit critical mass. The police waited until after critical mass was reached to act. The militia saw it coming and were forced to retreat. Thousands of people cannot be corraled by 30 armed militia members.

I could only imagine the fear that was going through both law enforcement officers and the militia. You are at the very edge of a riot with people outright screaming at each other at the top of their lungs and making threats. Your body tells you 'danger'- but those who are trained kept their cool. Even for the police- people see you as unwelcomed, inconvenient and hateful. More or less people think you are a piece of 'shit'. It's the basis of mob mentality. Police moved in to deal with the unrest and were successful. If they weren't, depending on the city and its bureaucrats the national guard may have been called if the unrest could not be controlled.

Apparently these days the closer you get to an emotionally charged protest- the more likely you are to participate in mob rule and practice herd mentality. Perhaps it was always that way. Normal, rational adults are peaceful when they speak their mind and protest. Some people are predisposed to cause trouble and violence. When you have two groups, one an active terrorist group- fighting one another and refusing to debate- the purpose of protests shifts to a 'show of force' and 'looking for a fight', though you may intend the former and not the latter, despite both usually being true. Don't forget that people are animals. It's true mentally but I am talking physically and biologically.

To confirm to the country that they were not there defending one side over the other, the militia group responded to media claims that they were there to protect hate (hate was on both sides by the way- no matter who 'started it'). The militia leader called the one leader that directed the protest 'a piece of shit', which he is. That's my opinion and I stick to it. I believe what a militia says (with evidence) over what my government or the news media says.

Setting any notions aside- these 30 individuals put themselves at risk of death or great bodily harm to help insure that protestors could practice their right to freedom of speech when the police bureaucrats refused to do so. On top of that- when asked to 'leave' by Charlottesville bureaucrats they declined. They had the right to be there. They had the training to maintain tactics and their cool. I don't know if I could ever do that. They are true Americans.

Eyeglasses Scratched? "Pros" Want Nothing To Do With You

One night I sat my glasses on a little sill below my car's radio as I went into work. The next day when I picked up my glasses I noticed a 'smudge' on one of the lenses. Upon closer inspection the right lens was scratched.

Fuck me.

I figured that it could be buffed out really easily. I went to an eye-care place up the road and they wanted nothing to do with me. 'Sorry, can't help you. We do not fix lenses'. It was in a pretty condescending tone too. They offered to 'special order' new lenses for me, but after the way I was treated I said 'no thank you' and walked out of the store. They shouldn't call it an 'eye care' place if they cannot maintain the very product that they sell.

The last time I checked there is no local business that exclusively (or offers) does eyeglass repair. That is because the majority of people with glasses have some kind of insurance which replaces the lens and/or the frames annually. Why bother repairing glasses people are going to likely discard? It's absolutely frustrating.

I've had this problem before albeit with other things. A lot of places in the area, for example will sell guns but refuse to do any work on them. It's very hard to find a qualified gunsmith in the area. It's even harder to find a qualified gunsmith who isn't backed up for eight fucking weeks. The same goes for small electronic devices- no one works on them and you have to 'special' order one or order a replacement that will take weeks to arrive.

I tried the old fashioned 'tricks'. Gel toothpaste didn't buff it out, normal toothpaste didn't buff it out and baking soda/water didn't buff it out. I have car polish somewhere in my closet but I refuse to dig for it right now- so I am stuck in a bind.

I don't have optical or dental insurance because I cannot afford it. My employer- who won't be my employer in three or four days does not offer that insurance to part time employees. I hate eyeglass cases because they are bulky and cumbersome- but I think I've learned my lesson here- despite being careful with eyeglasses for years. I'll have to look into an alternative to bulky cases and get used to carrying them around.

Good thing I have a backup pair that is not scratched.

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