September 1, 2016


At one point Devin thought he needed to run to the cathedral to find out where Doc was taken. The next thing he knew was total darkness- and that when he woke up that he had a throbbing headache. He was inside the cathedral now. ‘It’s a start I guess’ Devin said. He thought to himself ‘they made a huge mistake not gagging me, because the next poor fool that enters this floor is ‘gonna get it’. Not that he could cast anything; he was bound by heavy chains with his fingers isolated in separate rings. He was more worried about the sinking feeling in his stomach. Whatever it was- it was inhibiting his ability to spit out an incantation. 

Devin heard footsteps approach. He began to smile as the inquisitor approached him and began to speak.

You are in the presence of a God- and I would expect you to compose yourself in this holy home’.

Yes, your highness?’ Devin said. ‘You wouldn’t even pass as a street cleaner let alone-‘

A wave of power choked his throat- an invisible one. Devin gasped for breath- unable to control the drool and spittle leaving his mouth.

‘Apparently I did not make myself clear, heathen. You are in my God’s house and you WILL respect him’. The Inquisitor released the grip on his throat.

You’re such an inviting host, what is there to respect’?

The Inquisitor walked up to the poor man and punched him in the stomach. It felt like Devin was punched so hard that his innards liquefied. 

Plenty, you fool. You will answer our questions before your trial.

As much as Devin wanted to respond- his gut hurt too much to breathe in a normal amount of air. His grin disappeared. A curtain arose- and a group of 7 men and 2 women appeared sitting at a dais. Some were dressed in plate armor with their weapons on them. Some of them were in priestly robes- but Devin could not make out their faces.

 What is your connection to Docremeneus, the caster?

Devin let out an ‘et’ sound. His diaphragm hurt to utter anything else.

Where is the source of his power?’ ‘Where and when did you learn the art of teleportation’? ‘What is your primary objective, and who your handler is?’ the Inquisitor said.

You hit him so hard in the gut that he can’t speak, fool’ one of the men in robes spoke.

Gaius!’ the Inquisitor replied. ‘It is fairly obvious that this… thing… is refusing to answer my questions by showing me the utmost contempt’.

‘You know we are both equals’ Gaius said. ‘Let him recover for some time so we can at least get a response- blasphemy or not.’

His insolence cannot be tolerated!’

‘And the council agrees that your prodding makes you a fool!’

The man, grumbling moved back to his seat on the dais. It was Gaius’s turn to speak.

‘Young man- you are a threat to our order and to the nation. For generations we have forbid the taste of magic- and you have spoiled that prohibition with your curiosity. Did anyone ever tell you that curiosity kills the cat? We need you alive and well enough to speak during this interrogation. We will leave you alone for a few hours to recover. Then I want answers.’

The curtain fell and the figures of the council disappeared. Devin felt extreme unease for once- not knowing how long ‘a few hours’ was, or what the Inquisitor was talking about. ‘There must be something more to this if they think I am an agent’ he thought. ‘Except I don’t know how I am going to get out of this one. What can I tell them that will satisfy a religious bigot and a man who wears too hard of a boot?’

Devin then learned what utter despair felt like. For his entire life he believed in himself to get him through any situation. Except this time- he was chained up and powerless to stop the very thing he loathed. He could not move his fingers, most of his body or recite an incantation that could save him. Devin then learned about an entirely new monstrosity- true fear. The fear did not come about by what the council would do to him, but by the fact that an invisible surface, that felt like a finger- was touching his lips as he felt a breath of wind move past him. It was this he feared- for whatever magic power it wielded- it was foreign to him and the amount of it was enormous.

July 30, 2016

A guide for AR-15

A guide for AR-15

A guide to AR-15:
(I would get a few of these. Like 8-10 of them.) They are widely available and are proliferating. Get them before Hillary or someone else bans them. You'll see advertisements for couplers, dust covers etc. You really do not need those. An angled foregrip may be worth looking at in the future.

More critically, the next best thing is to learn the manual of arms for your AR-15. How it works, how it operates, how to shoot it and how not to handle it. Check out these videos: (silly)

General Gun Stuff

For Fun

July 9, 2015

Shadowdance 1: A Dance of Cloaks

(This review is free from spoilers, except for setting a little of the main plot). A tale of underworld chaos, retribution, bloody murder, greed and revolution- Shadowdance is a fantasy book series by David Dalglish that chronicles the world of Dezrel, in this book the land of Neldar.

An iron fist and a bloody reputation has landed Thren Felhorn command of the city of Veldaren. Anything he says goes: pay your protection money or be killed. Speak against the spider guild and be killed. Attack an agent and be killed. Blood, coins, the flow of both pleases this sadistical monster. His legacy rests on his son Aaron Felhorn. Instead of becoming a father like a normal man would, this boy will be taught to kill, to steal, to lockpick and to make sound decisions that will strike fear into the hearts of Veldaren's citizens. No one will dare question Thren: when he is done with Aaron, no one will even dare look at his son in the wrong way.

Tit for tat, agent for mercenary, the numerous guild factions have been at each other's throats while attacking the Trifect, a conglomerate of the richest families in the land. Naiive cutpurses try to rob a caravan and become dead; guilds will pilfer and launder the Trifect's money as penance. Greed, selfishness and ruthlessness rule the underworld of Veldaren as well as the city itself.

Aaron has concerns about becoming the ultimate killer. As he watches his father mercilessly kill those who oppose him, Aaron begins imagining a life away from the killing, the combat- the beatings and bruises as punishment for failure. After a failed assassination and kidnapping attempt, Aaron begins to learn of a life more appealing than his father's one and ultimate goal: to enshrine his legacy into his son- by making him the perfect killer.

This book series is great. I am new to the genre and I am glad that Shadowdance stood out to me on the bookshelf. I don't regret buying it and reading it was a ton of fun. While I took my time on book 1, and I hate to talk about the sequel in book 1's review, I plowed through book 2 faster than I did book 1. Let Veldaren take you in; and realize that Thren Felhorn is one conniving, cruel and sadistic son of a bitch. I highly recommend the book series- but some parents may be concerned about the violence and use of (rare) foul language. Oh well. I guess it is better to read about it then to watch a gorey movie. Support the author and 'buy new' on this one.