July 30, 2016

A guide for AR-15

A guide for AR-15

A guide to AR-15:

(I would get a few of these. Like 8-10 of them.) They are widely available and are proliferating. Get them before Hillary or someone else bans them. You'll see advertisements for couplers, dust covers etc. You really do not need those. An angled foregrip may be worth looking at in the future.

More critically, the next best thing is to learn the manual of arms for your AR-15. How it works, how it operates, how to shoot it and how not to handle it. Check out these videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQpfQd1397E (silly)

General Gun Stuff
(CRITICAL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Djb8JSPXU&index=18&list=PLAFE8F6FAC46F3172
(CRITICAL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1MHKRBPPAY&list=PLCFE92398B25E528A&index=42
(CRITICAL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC6u6_VC6-g&index=23&list=PLoagig7ANyXMK_NsneVRI5MRh00Wg2Zgj
(CRITICAL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj1Edg9TReI&index=24&list=PLoagig7ANyXMK_NsneVRI5MRh00Wg2Zgj
(CRITICAL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exp71sY_2uo&index=29&list=PLoagig7ANyXMK_NsneVRI5MRh00Wg2Zgj

For Fun

July 9, 2015

Shadowdance 1: A Dance of Cloaks

(This review is free from spoilers, except for setting a little of the main plot). A tale of underworld chaos, retribution, bloody murder, greed and revolution- Shadowdance is a fantasy book series by David Dalglish that chronicles the world of Dezrel, in this book the land of Neldar.

An iron fist and a bloody reputation has landed Thren Felhorn command of the city of Veldaren. Anything he says goes: pay your protection money or be killed. Speak against the spider guild and be killed. Attack an agent and be killed. Blood, coins, the flow of both pleases this sadistical monster. His legacy rests on his son Aaron Felhorn. Instead of becoming a father like a normal man would, this boy will be taught to kill, to steal, to lockpick and to make sound decisions that will strike fear into the hearts of Veldaren's citizens. No one will dare question Thren: when he is done with Aaron, no one will even dare look at his son in the wrong way.

Tit for tat, agent for mercenary, the numerous guild factions have been at each other's throats while attacking the Trifect, a conglomerate of the richest families in the land. Naiive cutpurses try to rob a caravan and become dead; guilds will pilfer and launder the Trifect's money as penance. Greed, selfishness and ruthlessness rule the underworld of Veldaren as well as the city itself.

Aaron has concerns about becoming the ultimate killer. As he watches his father mercilessly kill those who oppose him, Aaron begins imagining a life away from the killing, the combat- the beatings and bruises as punishment for failure. After a failed assassination and kidnapping attempt, Aaron begins to learn of a life more appealing than his father's one and ultimate goal: to enshrine his legacy into his son- by making him the perfect killer.

This book series is great. I am new to the genre and I am glad that Shadowdance stood out to me on the bookshelf. I don't regret buying it and reading it was a ton of fun. While I took my time on book 1, and I hate to talk about the sequel in book 1's review, I plowed through book 2 faster than I did book 1. Let Veldaren take you in; and realize that Thren Felhorn is one conniving, cruel and sadistic son of a bitch. I highly recommend the book series- but some parents may be concerned about the violence and use of (rare) foul language. Oh well. I guess it is better to read about it then to watch a gorey movie. Support the author and 'buy new' on this one.

May 27, 2015

Project Bunnies: Budget Version $22 deck

When it comes to Magic the Gathering- I am not an experienced player. In fact I am a novice, but I still enjoy playing from time to time despite getting my ass kicked by my expert friends. This deck idea evolved from wanting a weenie deck, then it evolved into a token power up using green and white cards. This post will cover the BUDGET VERSION at a total cost of $21.27. This is definitely do-able for me and fellow kitchen table game players.

Turn 1
There won't be a whole lot going on on turn 1- so if you do get [Hopeful Eidolon] or [Blossoming Sands] do play them.

Turn 2
On turn 2 we have more options: [Anafenza], [Brave the Sands], [Leafcrown Dryad], and [Raise the Alarm]. I usually draft [Leafcrown Dryad] when I draft green, and I like the 2/2 and reach. This helps the deck deal with flying threats. [Anafenza] lets me continue to bolster my forces free each turn after I play her. [Brave the sands] is a dick move which gives my fledgling army vigilance. At this point my opponent needs to begin worrying about that card as a threat. [Leafcrown Dryad] less so, but still an issue. [Raise the Alarm] will let me get out more tokens, and I pray that by this point I have not been hosed of my tokens- as there are a lot of cards out there that will do it.

Turn 3
Turn 3 offers more problems. [Avenging Arrow] was inserted to help deal with threats my opponent is dropping early game. If that threat is hexproof, then this card does no good. [Boon Satyr] is just 'the shit'. It's a great card, it can be played as an enchantment and become a creature, or be cast as a creature. Preferably play this card later on turn 5, but it is still an option on turn 3. [Lingering Souls] begins to create more problems as I get two 1/1 spirit tokens that have flying. The goal, if possible is to begin buffing them up or bolstering them. [Spear of Heliod] works great in this deck, but I can justify replacing it with other cards. Let me know if you would pull it out for something else. [Wayfaring Temple] is a mini-bomb that can become a BIG, BIG issue if it is not dealt with. If it hits a player, I get to populate.

Turn 4
I threw in [Advent of the Wurm] for fun. I am sure there are other cards that could replace it. Get a fat 5/5 worm token with trample, ENCHANT it next turn with Boon Satyr (blue players: COUNTER THAT CRAP). With 15 possible enchantments I feel that [Ajani's Chosen] will work out fine- though I could pull it for something else.

Turn 5
If I have not already begun to bestow [Boon Satyr] on my denizens I will drop [Cathars' Crusade], or a combination of other cards with lesser costs. I will have to manage this deck and see if it requires any card draw or if CMC boosts are necessary.

I think this deck will be a lot of fun on the cheap. I don't have a lot of money to spend on things, but I enjoy playing casual Magic the Gathering. This deck is modern legal.

2    Advent of the Wurm
3    Ajani's Chosen
3    Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
3    Avenging Arrow
4    Blossoming Sands
3    Boon Satyr
3    Brave the Sands
2    Cathars' Crusade
5    Forest
3    Hopeful Eidolon
4    Leafcrown Dryad
2    Lingering Souls
14    Plains
3    Raise the Alarm
3    Spear of Heliod
3    Wayfaring Temple