May 1, 2010

WOW TCG- Building a Moonkin Druid Pre-Wrathgate

I play a "Boomkin" in game. Moonkins are the caster form of the druid class. In the card game, Moonkins can offer a suprising amount of versatility rolled into one package. Moonkins can have the capability of having extra draw power in combination with a good amount of damage dealing. A friend asked me "is this your dream Moonkin deck?" and I replied "no, I just threw that together". If I were to get a good Moonkin deck pre-wrathgate, I would get the following:

Taheo Skyspeaker

Abilities (32)
3x Celestial Shard
3x Cyclone
2x Dreamstate
2x Earth and Sky
3x Galvanize
3x Hurricane
4x Moonkin Form
3x Nature's Reach
3x Stormfire
3x The Natural Order
3x Wrath

Allies (6)
2x Horkin Figluster
2x Tatulla the Reclaimer

Equipment (12)
3x Boots of the Whirling Mist
3x Cloak of the Shrouded Mists
2x Cover of Silence
2x Myrmidon's Signet
2x Onyxia Tooth Pendant

Quests (14)
2x Blueleaf Tubers
4x Forces of Jaedenar
4x Proving Grounds
4x Rise and be Recognized

Player Versus Player
This deck was built for raiding. If you want to PVP with it, I would take out Myrmidon's Signet and Onyxia Tooth Pendant for cards that can heal. I chose Taheo because of his ability to heal 6 damage from a target.

This deck offers some versatility to the DPS slot. I wanted to focus on treants without sacrificing overall damage too much. You will see some treant enhancing abilities in the deck. Cyclone and Hurricane are also two of my favorite crowd control cards. The Natural Order and Tatulla the Reclaimer add additional options for ability/equipment removal. Other direct damage abilities were included to increase draw power; one reason why I added Dreamstate.

Our last moonkin did very well during our Black Temple raid, and I would be confident this one will do fairly well. CoolstuffInc gives this deck a price of $58.00, but you can probably find it cheaper at other sources.

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