August 26, 2013

WOW TCG Canceled- This Time For Real

Well I'm pissed off.

I just got an email from my buddy that the WOW TCG has been canceled after Reign of Fire ends production. I am VERY. Very pissed off. I planned on holding raid games with buddies and to grow into the WOW TCG again. Unfortunately Blizzard decided to cancel its license with its own in house producer, Cryptozoic Entertainment and has cited it has no plans to bring the WOW TCG back.

I was just about finished with Ulduar too. I'm not happy about this. While Blizzard gave no reason, it is highly speculated that the new Hearthstone online CCG is to blame. Would I play it if it had raiding and I could raid with friends? probably. I'd think about it. But right now I am disappointed- and kind of pissed- but not very angry- about what Blizzard has done to a great TCG. I'd understand if they said it wasn't making money- but to abruptly take it away takes away a revenue source (me and other places) and leaves a sour taste in their mouths.

Like they care, right? I'm not trying to create drama- I'm pissed at what they did, but in time I'll get over it and just move onto something else.

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