April 23, 2014

Inquisition: Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

It's no secret to me, anyways that I've become a fan of black metal. Not all of it sits well with me though. When I say that, I am talking about the continuity and melodic department. For example, bands like Behemoth are inconsistent and just don't sound right to me. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. So what the fuck? from the album cover this band looks... creepy.

Surprisingly, once you get passed the frogman vocals, this band is actually really good. It makes excellent monster slaying music, and definitely adds a new breath of fresh air (fresh?) to my music lineup. I've also gotten into bands recently such as Nasheim and Gallowbraid, both Black Metal artists.

Oh if my mother found out I listened to black metal. It would flip her proverbial whig. Ahh oh well. I'm a fan of most genres of metal.

Great album by the way.

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