January 15, 2014

IL-DOT Systems Offline; a Major Pain in My Ass

When you move from state to state within the US, you need to change your driver's license over. Also in the US, you must have car insurance to legally drive. I switched my car insurance over today, but PENN-DOT, Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation was unable to accept my license and grant me a PA one because of... Illinois.

All IL-DOT systems are offline. Pessimistically, I suspect it's because they can't pay the god damn bills. Since Illinois isn't cooperating, I will call the secretary of state and give them an earful.

I want nothing to do with that state ever again- they just can't seem to let go of me. It isn't Penn-DOTs fault. Upon calling Illinois, they argued that it's not their problem and that it's Pennsylvania's fault.

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