December 29, 2013

Rob's 2013 in Gaming

 It definitely slowed down this year. In 2012 during my education hiatus I racked up over 1100 hours playing video games (average of 3 hours per day). 2013's total is about 640 hours, at an average of 1.75 hours per day. In steam quantities:

2012: 42 hours per bi-week
2013: 24.5 hours per bi-week

That's a pretty significant drop in gameplay blame moving from one state to another and getting my life back on track on the decrease in video games. Working on the blog and RobsGamingNetwork has also contributed to the slow down. It's not a bad thing, and it does not mean I am giving up gaming as a whole. Some people think 640 hours is monstrous. I know some guys who power through well over 2000 hours a year into video games.

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