October 23, 2013

2013 Analytics for RobsGamingNetwork

It's been two years since I began RobsGamingNetwork and integrated it with Plamotaku. Since 2005 I've been running Plamotaku! keeping the moniker "the guy with not enough time on his hands!". I don't plan on going anywhere- but I wanted to stop and look at some analytics to see where we've gone and where we are going.

In 2012, the network got 16,458 views at its start. In addition, under engagement feedback- 72% of responders liked the content on RGN. I began the channel after getting tired of cable TV and commercials. Shortly after I joined, Youtube began running commercials under their featured ads program, to my annoyance.

Most people were interested in my N64 disassembly (so popular now I need to do a new one in HD) and gameplay videos- though that's not all that I want to do with the channel. Getting subscribers (not priority) wasn't my intent from the start; but to make a good channel it must be balanced with doing what I want to do with the channel- which is video games, firearms and model building.

In 2012, the majority of my viewers were male. There are more female gamers out there now-a-days, but my gender analytics don't indicate that same relationship with those who view my channel. It's fine- I don't have a problem with it. A lot of people are also viewing on mobile devices in 2012- around 24%. It might be a good idea to look at releasing some stuff on 480p scaled down from 1080p video; partly because my new internet connection sucks and a 1080p video would take upwards of 8 hours to upload.

2013 has been a different beast. In the wake of massive gun control efforts by anti-constitutionalists, I started the guns and steel column- named after lyrics from one of Bolt Thrower's songs "Cannons fade". It does say steel- so maybe I will do swords too when time permits. Many of the dislikes this year were from the fact that I had uploaded testimony footage of people attempting to restrict the 2nd amendment in Illinois- a huge deal at the time.

This year got a TON more views- 29,432 so far to be exact. I am slated to hopefully reach 36,000 views by the end of December. The network was greatly expanded this year by offering bad game reviews (Piece of Shit column), some specials and RGN News. So far those columns aren't doing as well as I want them to- probably because I haven't had time lately to record more content. However much work that it is- I do enjoy creating content on RGN and sharing things with people who are willing to watch.

To those who responded, 85% liked the content on RGN, an increase from last year. Likewise, more feedback has been received than I did in 2012. Comment output from viewers is up 321%, encouraging debate and other details. Sharing is up 240%. Favorite bookmarking is up 176%.

This year, my most popular videos include Borderlands 2 footage, the judiciary hearings in Guns and Steel, apparently my disassembly video again and videos on my Bersa. Perhaps I should talk more about other firearms I own and get them in a review. I am thinking people liked it because of the 1080p output and better lighting- the first of which will be a challenge on this upload speed. If people are watching my console disassembly videos then I need to do more of them. Look for some more in the future.

Female viewership is up about 2% as well. That's cool, ladies. The amount of people watching on mobile devices is also up 5%.

So what can analytics tell me? People are liking the content I am putting out onto RGN, and I am having a good time doing it. I have an idea of a direction to go in, however I still want to do my own thing at the same time. When I get a day off this Friday or Saturday I will have to do a review on the Smith and Wesson M&P 22 and get that uploaded. I don't have my NES to disassemble- but I will show the disassembly of SNES carts and the SNES itself, and maybe a couple of other cool things on how to clean everything.

Thanks for reading Plamotaku! and watching RobsGamingNetwork. It's been a lot of fun working on both of these projects.


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