April 30, 2008

And we hit 500.... Wii Repairs

WARNING: Harsh image!!

Well it's happened, this blog has officially hit 500 posts. I don't have much to say other than I think my comittment to the blog has been excellent and I look forward to another 500 posts.

A week or two ago I was playing Super Smash Bros Brawl on my Wii. I was sitting in my bed, and my roomate walked into the path of the gamecube controller's chord (the Wii was up on a 5 foot dresser) and OUCH there went the Wii, overboard. It received a cracked faceplate, but it still worked. A week later I put it back up there. Not learning my lesson, I accidentally tugged the chord too hard and skipped about 30 seconds of heart beats- this time the Wii's faceplate was completely removed. BEEEEEEP. That is exactly what I said.

So I called up Nintendo and found out that my warranty had expired- wonderful. It was going to cost $120.00USD to fix, and I thanked them and told them I would consider their offer as a repair option. I remembered I got a warranty with Wal*Mart to insure the Wii.... hmmm I went to look for the receipt and I had an active warranty. I filed a claim for my Wii and Wal*Mart contacted a repair place in New Jersey to fix it. NEW JERSEY, I thought. I was very uncomfortable about it until I learned the repair place was in Phillipsburg- not even 45 mins from my home. So I felt better, and heard from an invoice that the repair place specialized in repairing consoles. I felt better still, and sent in the Wii.

TWO days later I received a package, and the Wii looked brand spanking new. I was impressed by the repair job done and by the quality of the repair- only one tiny spot remains chipped and it is so negligible that I can forget about it (it's on the side of the Wii with the rubber feet, I can get away with that and it doesn't look like harm I did to it). My opinions regarding Wal*Mart's business practices have changed slightly, and my opinion about their customer care unit has definetely changed- they fixed my Wii at a cost to me of under $5.00USD for shipping. Good job. I didn't have to do anything but file the invoice and send it in- that is how it should be done.

So for this one, the big Wally World gets a two thumbs up. I am proud that they took responsibility on the warranty and I may stop by in the future as a thanks to pick up a game. They not only had the Wii fixed, they hired the right people to do it. That is how it is done.

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Anonymous said...

I am feeling alot better after reading this post. You see I purchased my ps3 from walmart and also got the 2 year protectoin plan. When it finally broke it was out of the one year warranty provided by sony. So I called walmart While I wasn't sure what to expect I now feel a little bit better about the whole deal. Only thing that sucks though is I have a brand new still in wrapper copy of MGS4 that i am dying to play. Hope my system gets back soon it arrived in Penn yesterday 1/8/09 so heres hoping. On a side note my PS3 actually broke within the one year sony warranty but I decided to go with walmart because they told my GF when she bought it that if we had any problems with it to bring it back to the store and we would just get a brand new one. So like an idiot i figur what the hell I will just wait til next week and Will go get my new one well it was two days after the one year was up and walmart said they wouldve been able to give me a brand new one if I had brought it there inside the first year after that the second year is repair only. That sucked because I have the 40gb which I payed 399 for and they only sell the 60gb for 399 now and the difference between the two is not huge but it does have a few extra features. I felt like an idiot. I was also quite pissed that they did not tell us the return policy was one year. Anyway hope I get mine back soon. Later