August 11, 2013

1/144 RG Gundam MK II Titans Color WIP Part 2

Disassembled the MK II and sorted the parts out by color. Took all the parts with inner frame color (gray) and rough sanded them to get the nubs off. I'm disappointed out of the box that the rifle has seam lines. I can take care of it, and have. Will wet/dry sand tomorrow with 400 grit then move on to 600 grit, then prime, then paint. Then I'll find the next set of parts and paint them. I may just paint all of the accessories and swappable parts, too (the bazooka). In the future I'd love to get the AEUG colors and build half the armor; show half of it and cut that layer in half to show the skeleton, all buttoned up. I like the kit so much I don't mind building it a second time.

15 days remain to work on the project. I spent 1hr 20min working this morning- will do it again later today and if I continue to do so I will remain on track to finish the kit before I leave the state.

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