July 1, 2013

Raiding Rules

The WOW TCG is a fun game- and during college I would play it with friends. The old school raid rules have not been updated since Fall of 2008, which would make it about 5 years since that date. There are general rules to follow with raiding- and I aim to highlight them here.

Condensed Soup Version:

1) Before the raid begins, a raid boss is selected to pilot the raid (when required) and a raid leader is chosen.

2) Deckbuilding rules that apply in the normal game apply here. 60 card minimum; four copies of each card unless it's unique.

3) The final boss MUST be destroyed by fatal damage.

4) A boss player's maximum hand size is 10 cards unless specified otherwise.

5) Powers, modifiers or abilities cannot flip a boss over unless it is the bosses own power.

6) A boss cannot be supressed or it's powers taken away.

7) Cards cannot be added or removed from the boss resource row by raiding players or their cards.

8) The boss can never deck out. The graveyard for a particular deck is shuffled and play resumes, all without using the chain.

9) The boss cannot have cards removed from any deck and cannot be milled.

Onyxia Condensed Soup

1) Event cards preceed a boss start phase and cannot be interrupted or interacted with.

2) You may chain an event card.

3) The boss may mulligan his opening hand of 7 cards.

4) The boss player begins the game with his turn.

Molten Core Condensed Soup

1) The raid leader chooses to play either full clear mode, or short mode. The boss begins the game with his turn.

2) To begin short mode, the boss player shuffles the rune cards and picks three random ones. They cannot be revealed to raiders. After those three bosses are destroyed, the raid proceeds to Majordomo Executus, then to Ragnaros. Full clear mode is playing every boss.

3) The boss player cannot mulligan his opening hand for either the main ability deck or the Ragnaros ability deck.

4) The game always begins with Lucifron in play. He does not have a rune card, but does come with minions.

5) The minion deck serves as the bosses resources. When a boss is defeated, these resources come up and into play as minions.

6) You can chain a boss change, but not interrupt the process unless otherwise specified.

7) You can chain minions entering play unless otherwise specified.

8) When changing to Ragnaros, the main ability deck is removed and the Ragnaros ability deck is introduced, shuffled and 7 cards are drawn.

9) When switching to Ragnaros, all minion cards leave play in the bosses control.

10) You may not chain any part of Ragnaros' coming onto the board, including minions coming into play or changing decks.

11) Minions and ally tokens cannot be removed from the game. They must take fatal damage.

12) If a boss is destroyed, a new one does not come out until the next boss player's turn.

Magtheridon's Lair Condensed Soup

1.) The game begins with five channelers and a chained Magtheridon in play. The boss player begins the game.

2.) The boss player may mulligan.

3.)  During the bosses ready step, a blood is played face down in the resource row. If Magtheridon is unleashed, a blood is played face up in the resource row, and does not count as a resource.

4.) The boss player draws two cards if Magtheridon is unleashed.

5.) The draw step cannot be chained. Neither can the unleashing of Magtheridon.

6.) Gaining a blood or the boss placing a resource cannot be chained.

7.) Summoning Sickness will not prevent any ally from exhausting a cube. If that character readies at any time, the cube detaches. 

8.) Magtheridon's Lair enters play when Magtheridon is Unleashed on the cooldown side.

9.) Raiders cannot touch Magtheridon's Lair in any way. It cannot be chained.

10.) The lair card is flipped at the end of the boss player's turn.

11.) Exhausting to take a cube adds an event to the chain.

12.) If Toss About is played- no one gets priority until all raiders roll even, including if a raider takes fatal damage.

13.) Magtheridon gains a blood when he is unleashed.

Black Temple Condensed Soup

1.) The player to the left of the boss begins the game after the boss is in play.

2.) The boss may mulligan his opening hand. 

3) Event cards use the chain. They cannot be interrupted.

4) All Betrayer events are ongoing.

5) When a boss is destroyed, all face up events are discarded.

6) Face up events do not count as resources.

7) Putting face down resources into play face up as minions uses the chain.

8) When the betrayer enters play, the boss hand is discarded and 7 new cards are drawn. This does not use the chain. These cards cannot be mulliganed.

9) If a minion would otherwise leave play during a raid, it's considered "destroyed" instead.

10) The bosses threat level limits how many resources can be played by the raiders.

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