July 1, 2013

Jaina Deck

Sexy Jaina has a much better deck than her horde counterpart, Sylvanas. Her modifier is Brilliance Aura: If Jaina would deal damage with an ability, she deals that much +1 instead. On your turn, pay 8: Flip Jaina. So if Jaina is throwing damage whichever way, if it involves one packet, add an additional point of damage to that packet. Nice. On the flipside (heh), it extends to +2 instead and allows you to teleport two allies from your deck into play.

There are two one drops available here: Bronwyn Lightborn and Lady Bancroft. Bronwyn has frost resistance which is nice, which means she can be hit with frostmourne and not take damage. Bancroft cannot take any damage from the Lich King boss card. For two drops you have three different cards: Tani Bixtix, Elder Achillia and Hulstom, Servant of the Light. For a 2 drop, it's nice that Tani can dish out 1 nature damage to a target scourge, AND come with 3/2 stats. Elder should boost your non-combat damage by +1 and work in tandem with Tani. Hulstom will laugh at shadow damage and provide Mend +1 services with a 3/2 package. All in all not bad.

Not much of a choice in cost 3 drops- You'll get a 3/3 protector in Petreus Roffe. For 4 drops you'll get the very nice Wynnd the Spry which punishes the raid boss for using his resources. Olaf Steelbreaker is a nice 4/6 protector I would throw out mid to late game against the bigger scourge allies.  Finally, you have one six drop in Madrea Blintbrew, who allows you to look at your opponents hand and choose an ability or equipment and discard it. Always pick an ability- if you pick the Helm or Frostmourne it will Death Rattle its way back.  For allies- it's better than Sylvanas' deck, but again I feel the deck is lacking in this department.

Some people like Scorch- I don't. But with Jaina's modifier you are getting 2 dmg for free. That can be nice especially when you need to finish off an ally. Sear is also very nice against the staple scourge allies that have already been damaged. Fire Blast will give you some versatility, chucking 3 fire damage someone's way. Frostbolt- and that's instant by the way, flings 4 damage at the Boss (or his allies) and the afflicted can't attack that turn. You can use that in later turns if the Lich King has gotten too big or if one of the bigger allies is out.  Fireball is nice for the cost- you are flinging 5 points of damage at something and tick 2 damage per your turn. With Elder Achillia out it could be more. Frost Nova is another good way of slowing the Lich King down by turn 4. Finally, Whiteout is a nice debuff that forces the Lich King to pay extra resources to attack. Expect him to try and get rid of this card pronto- or to interrupt it.

Jaina has one weapon- The Staff of Antonidas. It reads Courage of Antonidas: On your turn exhaust Jaina: Reveal the top card of your deck. This turn you may put it into your hand, play it for free, or if it is a request, place it as an additional resource. This is a very powerful card that could pop out a big ally or put a quick ability into your hand. Expect the boss player to do something about it rather quickly.

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