January 4, 2008

Panzerwagon Sdkfz.251.1 Half-Track Touches

Looks like I am almost done with this half-track! I got some work done today and I began adding the soldiers to the diorama. They look absoloutly ridiculous- I just cannot model humans! They actually look like aliens- so next time I may just leave their faces unpainted because simulating humans isn't my department, and I am sure its not a fun job of most model builders.

Regardless the diorama looks spectacular and it came out incredible. I think the soldier placement really accents the model- I need to add a few more limbs per soldier and some weapons and then the model with head off with a couple more that I have in need of some laquer coat protection. Check out some of the work! I like it. Swastika used on the B.M.W. bike for historical accuracy- I hate Nazis but respect the war machines from an engineer's standpoint.

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