January 28, 2008

BB-64 Progress

I went to Hobbytown yesterday and they marked down the price of their USS Wisconsin kit from $35.00 USD to around $16.54, so I bit the bait and bought the kit. This is a 1991 USS Wisconsin kit, 1/700 made by Trumpeter. The kit so far has been an easy build- I havn't looked at the instructions yet because I practically know where everything goes. I am taking this kit and converting it to a USS New Jersey kit. I think what I will do is make a water side dock diorama of the current day New Jersey: this should be entertaining because I need to scratchbuild a dock which should be a lot of fun. I think once this project (of many projects) is complete I will submit it as my first ship to ModelWarships.com. I managed to get a lot of the gunship gray painted on the model today on the horizontal surfaces.

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