January 7, 2014

Spray Booth Revision 2.0

Some revisions to the spray booth design, based off of a desktop fan and this air filter. Dimensions are to scale, but may change depending on availability of product. The filter will be secured with a set of two screws into 1" wide by 11" long pieces of wood. The walls of the front of the system will be made out of an abundantly ready material in this apartment: cardboard. I think the system, combined with a backsplash for the work bench and a stand up fan to fumegate the room with the window open along with a respirator mask will be a wise choice. Albeit a pricey one. Let's see if I can cut down on costs. The filter will be removeable for replacement.

This design will not accomodate anything larger than about a foot in length. Large 1/350 scale ships will not be possible with this system.

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