January 4, 2014

Perfect Grade 1/60 GATX-105 Strike Gundam- Head Unit

Straight assembly- no trimming or painting.

I asked for this kit for Jul, not expecting to get it after a rather long list of three Real Grades and a Master Grade. Lo and behold, I got it. The more I looked at the kit, the more I wanted to not work on my PG MK-II. I think I will do this PG first and then go back to the MK-II. I went ahead and built the head, which is deceptively simple- but the detail is incredible.

There are some parts I am happy with on the head and some I am not so happy with- in particular the brow piece above the eyes could have fit better for each side. The V-fin is not filled in in the back. That will have to be taken care of. I can't wait to see it when the eyes light up. This kit looks amazing in photos, but looks really good out of the box in real life. I am excited to work on this kit after Wing Zero Proto.

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