October 4, 2013

Netflix Removes Desert Punk from It's Lineup

For the past couple of weeks a friend of mine and I had a routine. He would come over every Wednesday, we would hang out, play some games and then watch Desert Punk on Netflix after I recommended it. He came over yesterday afternoon with some lunch. When I turned on the Playstation 3 and looked in my section for Desert Punk- I couldn't find it. I searched for it- and couldn't find it.

Netflix removed the series.

Since the PS3 doesn't play videos through the web browser very well, I resorted to looking on Youtube for the dub. Couldn't find it. Frustrated, we elected to play Conker's Bad Fur Day instead. I am very disappointed with Netflix for ninja'ing the series without a forward warning to customers. In fact I was upset that I didn't get to watch Desert Punk where we had left off the previous week.

One other thing I can't understand is why they offer Spice and Wolf, but only episodes 14 to 26. It confuses me so.

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