October 7, 2013

Okami to Koshinryo Is Exactly What I Needed

It's been a while since I have watched anime. I've had a fast paced, rapid time moving across the country while trying to maintain my hobbies. Before then though- I was more preoccupied with life, building model kits and video games than I was with anime. Maybe I've lost my touch- but certainly I am still a fan of some anime out there. Not all of it is for me. For example- I've seen enough "school-themed" animes to build an Eiffel Tower. Some were done well- like Blood+ and Full Metal Panic!, but I can only take so much.

Okami to Koshinryo (bad romaji), also known as Spice and Wolf, is an anime series about a wolf deity who awakens in the back of a fur cart belonging to Lawrence Craft. He is a merchant by trade and stumbles upon Holo, the peculiar and naked woman with ears and a tail. It surprises him at first, but by his demeanor it seems that with what he has seen in the world; he isn't all too surprised.

The anime follows them on Craft's business dealings on their way North. Holo says that she is lonely and fears isolation- and wants to accompany Lawrence. Lawrence agreed to take her back to her home up North.

The rest is spoilers and I don't want to divulge any of that. The dub for this anime is excellent. It may take a while to understand what is going on sometimes, but the anime is well worth it with its stunning artwork and music. Separate from the anime- I love the OP song to season 1.

According to Wikipedia, and thankfully I have not read it fully for spoilers- the order to watch the series in is Season 1, the OVA, and then Season 2. Looks like I have an OVA to watch. You can relate to the characters and you can understand them. That is what makes this "late middle ages" themed anime worth it.

As far as I know it is affordable too if you want the high quality stuff. Not sure why the BLU-RAYs cost so much..... As for Holo. Don't attack a wolf diety. and finally- I like apples too. You should hear the ending theme to season 1.... engrish is funny but I like the way the art and the melody to the theme roll into one. It's amusing.

While you can watch this anime online- subbed or dubbed- it really is affordable enough to go out and buy the DVDs to support the artist/writer. I am half tempted to just watch the OVA and then get the DVDs to finish Season 2.

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