October 11, 2013

Well... Not Sure Why They Rotated It- A Link Between Worlds and More

Nintendo recently showed 8 minutes of their new Zelda game: A Link Between Worlds- and we know a bit more about it. I am interested in how they utilize the flat wall mechanic, though the world seems too familiar to the Hyrule from A Link to the Past. The "dark world", as promised has returned- but not in the way you think it does. Apparently the "alternative world" is a place called "Lorule". Very funny Nintendo.

We have no clue if Lorule is connected to the Sacred Realm or if either have anything to do with each other; other than the fact that they share the same basic music- Lorule being orchestrated for the 3Ds, of course.

Of interesting note is in the screenshot I took here. The temple of time area (or the ruins of) where the pedestal to the Master Sword is has been rotated right 90 degrees. What this means- I have no idea. I would venture there probably isn't any significance to the change- but the area is obviously shaped like the old Temple of Time layouts- a long corridor of a room connected to something octagonal or spherical where the pedestal is.

We know Nintendo has a knack for gameplay over story- but they shouldn't neglect either, in my opinion. While similar to A Link to the Past, new Zelda players that never got to play that title have a fresh experience with A Link Between Worlds.

I don't know if that Triforce symbol with the upside down version is relevant, but we know that items can be rented or purchased- they can be upgraded- and the Master Sword returns in this game. I'd prefer to have a larger library for this system before I shell hard earned money on it- but fortunate as I am at my age- I still get Yuletide gifts. I might have to ask for this and another game or two.

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