October 11, 2013

More Extracted Information From A Link Between Worlds

Ok. I have some conjecture here. It will be highlighted in white to hide it. If you want to see it, highlight the text with your cursor. I took a look at Zelda Wiki and there are some glaring discrepancies between what I was read via Eiji Aonuma and what is being said across the internet.

The internet claims A Link Between Worlds is a SEQUEL to A Link to the Past. I remember reading somewhere that this game was a prequel to my greatest game of all time. They clocked Aonuma later saying that this was a sequel- and with in game dialogue referencing events in A Link to the Past- I would place this game after Link's Awakening, but we aren't sure whether they are before or after The Oracle games.

Timeline Placement
According to in game dialogue, 7 or so generations have passed since Link entered the dark world, slayed the evil demon Ganon (he comes back in Zelda I- that's not a spoiler.). That is about 250 years. As per Hyrule Historia- it is never clear whether Link is always a descendant of a previous Link- but we're pretty sure Zelda is always a descendant of the original Zelda that came from Skyloft. After all, the Hylians are descendants of Zelda and gain their powers through her. Though, at this point in the timeline their powers may be thinning out. They definitely begin to fade around the time of Zelda I. It isn't clear how much time occurs between A Link Between Worlds and Zelda I, or if some games fit between the two.

Familiar Dungeons; At Least on the Outside
There are some familiar, but different- dungeons in A Link Between Worlds. It appears that the tower of Hera still stands, the Lost Woods is still there- hell the overworld is almost a carbon copy of A Link to the Past- but new and slightly different. I think this adds a bit of authenticity to the distance between the games- but offers a fresh and new experience working with the flattening mechanic.

Just who the hell are some of these characters? it seems that they may be trying to pull another Twilight Princess here with two worlds- Hyrule and Lorule. Again, very funny Nintendo. The Dark World, which was reversed and purified after Ganon was destroyed has similar music to Lorule, though the relationship between the two so far ends right there- there is no established connection between the Dark World and Lorule.

The Zora return as enemies. Perhaps they went rogue after the fall of the Kingdom to Ganon during the Hero of Time era. There are new characters too- an unidentified wizard who... you make up your mind who he/she/it looks like. I have a fairly confident answer to that question. Who is this Ravio? they appear in the spoiler art along with a woman who appears to be Impa and a woman/girl we know is Zelda. But- on the flip side of the image is a darker world with a woman/girl of darker hair next to the wizard, who may or may not be the antagonist.

And then, the triforce. I thought it was just a cool graphic but apparently there is a counterpart to the all sacred triforce, playing on the yin/yang and two sides of the same coin idea. We have no idea what the darker counterpart is or what it does- but right now I might just call it the antiforce. Just because I can.

Then we have the return of Sahasrahla. We don't know if he has been living 250 years- albeit unlikely- or if he is a direct descendent. Hell, there isn't enough information to connect the two- it could be a guy named after Sahasrahla for all we know. Time will tell.

Even if more information comes out, I think this is enough to go on for now.

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