October 2, 2013

Alter Bridge Releases 'Fortress'

Sorry America. We lag behind because we can't support one of our own bands. Alter Bridge has been a favorite of mine since High School when they released "One Day Remains" in 2004. I was going through some rough, rough stuff in early high school that I don't care to remember. I loved Alter Bridge's debut album- and when they came out with Blackbird in 2007 I picked that up around the same time I picked up Breaking Benjamin's "Phobia" album.

With ABIII's smash hit release in 2010, Alter Bridge exploded in popularity everywhere outside of the US (the US is too infatuated with Bustin Jeiber). Their albums have gotten increasingly darker with each release- but still hold to a set theme. I would classify them as alternative metal.

Not too long ago they released their fourth album titled 'Fortress'. It releases in North America October 8th. You can listen to the album release here. Please support the band. They are great.

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