October 2, 2013

Why I am Leaving Firefox

I've used Mozilla Firefox for years and decided today to stop using it. While I don't want to sound angry or entitled to a free product- I am deeply frustrated with a critical error that is not being addressed by either Adobe or Firefox. I do a lot of browsing and uploading to websites that use flash. Ever since a couple of days ago Shockwave has been going haywire- giving me the following message:

It's frustrating when you have a problem that no one is able to find a solution for. Unfortunately that means switching browsers permanently or until the problem is fixed- and it might never be fixed. This little error message pops up about once every 10 seconds and causes Firefox to crash.

I'm going to get the URLs to my bookmarks and transplant them back into Internet Explorer. I left IE because it was garbage- but now I'm willing to use it again after quite some time. Maybe Adobe will pull their collective heads out of the company's ass.

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