October 1, 2013

Diablo III Making Changes for the Better

When the auction house and stat itemizations weren't fixed, I said after 180 hours "I'm done with Diablo III". However, there are some changes being made with the new expansion 'Reaper of Souls'. While we just have a teaser video to look at, I am hoping that the content of the game will be good. Blizzard is known for their high quality cinematics.

The company has decided to side with the players on the issue of the auction house- it's ruined the game because the company cannot keep a tight enough lid on botters and cheaters. It led to massive inflation and gold sales. So now if you want the best in gear and loot- you'll have to go find it. In addition- what I perceive is more important is the broken stat itemization. When I get a piece of loot, I shouldn't see "+200 Intellect" on a barbarian only waist. That's dumb. Fixing itemization and/or allowing the swap of one stat is a step in the right direction.

Diablo III is a fun game. I still believe Torchlight II is a better product and a better game- but I am willing to play the new Diablo III because my friends and roommate do.

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