August 11, 2013

Reign of Fire- Permafrost

Permafrost is a frost talent that allows you, at the start of your turn to punish your opponent for having ready non-hero cards. So if a player put a bunch of allies into play in the late game, and they have summoning sickness- not sure what it is called in the wow tcg- we always call it summoning sickness- for each one ready you can pelt one frost damage at the hero. This includes ready resources. They'll be punished for not playing all their resources- and they'll be punished for introducing allies and having ready armor and weapons. I initially did not like this card, but for pvp I like it a lot. It won't do jack squat for my automated decks because everything has to exhaust and attack if able, except for the protectors. Shame really- but you can still use this for older raids and PVP. Great card.

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