August 10, 2013

1/144 RG Gundam MK II Titans Color WIP Part 1

Today I am going to finish up the Zaku and begin work on the RG 1/144 MK II Titans Color. I am moving across the country and will be in hiatus again when I get there until I set up facilities and take care of other life priorities. I have 20 days until that move, and then I have to be gone for 4 days for a wedding. So I have 16 days to work on this project. About 21 hour remain on this kit, so that's 1hr 20min of work a day. I can definitely swing that.

I'm very happy with the RG Zaku, other than the delicate hands and balancing issues with the feet. I'll make sure to do a video review for it and try to get in a photo shoot. I am VERY, VERY impressed with the RG 1/144 MK II Titans Color.

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