August 23, 2013

Reign of Fire: Orc Raider

Orc Raider.... a cost 1 [2/1] that has a pay 1, exhaust target hero or ally. I was about to dismiss this card because I thought it was an exhaust power. It isn't. This could be handy for either a warrior or rogue deck where you pay a few resources to keep exhausting cards, which in classic may allow you to deal additional damage. I can see this card getting very annoying in raids requiring a pilot. There is a card from the badge of justice program that let's you exhaust and pay 1 to keep an ally invincible- but I wish the playgroup luck in getting that card. This card could get cheap in a raid very quickly- especially if the decks are built to keep this guy alive as long as possible. Hell, have a priest, paladin or druid beef him up. I'd rather see it in play. It does have 1 health, so his surviveability is suspect at best.

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