January 10, 2013

Delays Push Epyon Back At the Latest to Jan. 17

Pfft. Delays. Like I have time for delays.

The airbrush has been sent off to be refurbished. Given an extra day for shipment, plus their turnaround of five business days, we are looking at beginning work again around January 17 or 18. Bleh.

I really want to get some work done on this guy, because the paint is the time consuming process of model building. I paint and mount each and every part to a bamboo stick and paint it. The parts come off and I mount new ones. Usually I top coat the kit when it is finally assembled.

To not waste time and devote some time to model building, I've already begun working on Wing Zero Custom. I haven't gotten around to Sandrock yet, and I feel I will. All of the parts have been snipped off of the trees on Zero, and everything needs a rough shape, rough sand, then smoothing out with 600 grit. That will be a time consuming process- but it will eat up time I'd otherwise spend idle in regards to kits. I cannot paint anything because my main tool is out, and I don't have a backup.

When Zero is all done and ready for paint, I am going to crack open Sandrock and begin assembling that kit. I also need to dive into Endless Waltz again and see what colors I want to paint. This will be the EW version painted in OVA colors. The suits are practically identical so much that the suits are the same. I had some colors lying around for a 1/144 Sandrock, so I will use those paints (if I can find them, I believe I can) as I specifically called the colors out on that project.

As my final college semester approaches (and one class, to boot!) I will need to balance time between study, games, finding a job, and model building. Maybe some anime thrown in their too. We'll see.

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